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She builds

Build your own bike
Image: Stefan Haehnel via Flickr


Ever contemplated building your own bike?

This was a question I asked my other half recently. How many of you have wondered about building your own bike? I’m probably not alone when I look at some bikes and think: “I really like it but If I could only change that bit, and do that with that bit, then I would just LOVE it!”  (more…)

Choosing Miss OCG’s first junior road bike….where to start?! Help!

Choosing a junior road bike
Now, which one to go for?…

Miss OCG is still loving her cycling and wants a road bike.

Ever since watching the Milk Race in Nottingham back in May and being inspired to learn to ride her bike, she’s been asking for a road bike! She’s tried a few British Cycling Go Ride sessions and sampled a local club or two and she’s determined she’s ready to take it all a little bit further.

So, choosing that first junior road bike – where to start!?


For coffee lovers…Pact Coffee

Image: Phil Jones

Cyclists love coffee. The two just seem to fit so snugly together. There’s rarely a cross word between a cyclist and their coffee cup…it’s the perfect relationship. A steaming cup of hot coffee filling the kitchen with it’s delicious aroma is the most wonderful way to start the day and the perfect way to prepare for that cycle ride. (more…)

Tour de France and the Yorkshire Cycling Festival 2014

Hooray! We’ve arrived at the Yorkshire Festival of Cycling at Harewood House near Leeds and as they would say here in Yorkshire, ‘by heck it’s windy!

We’re all ready for what promises to be an amazing weekend and we’re ready to watch the Grand Depart leaving from Harewood House tomorrow morning. It all officially kicks off in a matter of minutes at 2.00pm but there’s lots of buzz around the place already. Tents are pitched, caravans are all set and there are so many different types of bikes and riders. My two little one were thrilled by the Pennyfarthing they saw while we sat munching on some lunch. (more…)

It’s a Breeze! One down, eleven to go.

Breeze Sky Ride
Image: Michael Spiller via Flickr

There’s been more than a breeze blowing locally. The weather here in Nottinghamshire has been pretty ropey this last week. I’m not complaining, technically we’ve had a drought compared to the amount of rain that has fallen in the some other parts of the UK. But we have had really strong winds for the last week and it’s put the kybosh on getting out on ‘the red one’ too much. (more…)

New Challenges for 2014

New Challenges 2014It’s now February! Where is the time going? I’m starting to panic a little as London to Paris which I am planning on doing in September is obviously going to come around very quickly. Arghh! I don’t even feel prepared for a 50km ride in two weeks!

But this year was all about new challenges. I turn 36 next week and sometimes, you just have to stop with the ‘oh, maybe next year’ or ‘I couldn’t possibly find the time for that!’ and well, just say ‘yes’. So I said ‘yes’ and it will happen. (more…)