Decathlon Energy Bar GeneratorFed up with energy gels and fancy something different, delicious and homemade to fuel your outdoor adventures? Check out the clever new Decathlon energy bar generator.

I’ve got quite into healthy eating lately. As I start to get older I find I’m placing more importance on the kinds of food that go into my body and how those foods help to fuel the outdoor activities I enjoy to keep fit. I try to focus on foods with natural sweeteners, although like any other person, I do enjoy a slice of cake (Victoria sponge is my personal favourite) and a biscuit (I’m a sucker for a jaffa cake) every once in a while! But there are so many healthy options available that are delicious snacks for both on and off the bike…and when you can make them yourself, that’s even better!

Usually pre-ride, to get my energy levels soaring, I’ll have a bowl of porridge with some honey. The warm porridge, especially on colder days, is soothing and comforting and I always find my energy levels last longer when I’ve had a bowl of oats before I cycle. When I was cycling Lake Constance recently, every morning started with a filling bowl of bircher! Bircher, if you’re not familiar with it is cold oats soaked overnight in yoghurt, grated apple and various fresh fruits. It’s great for making up the night before and popping in the fridge ready for morning. Delicious!

Energy bars

When I’m out on the bike, I’m not a huge fan of energy gels. I know loads of cyclists love them and find them a brilliant source of energy, but I don’t find them appetising and the fake-tasting flavours really put me off and can make me feel quite sickly. I much prefer to have something like a stash of flapjacks, or a breakfast bar, in my jersey pocket ready for when I need that extra fuel and a boost of energy. Each to their own, but snacks like these are really easy to make, and cheap and of course you can always add in your own mix of ingredients to vary it up a bit. Personally, I love cranberries and pumpkin seeds, but whatever floats your boat…or keeps your pedals turning!

Home made energy bars – yummy!

If you fancy having a go at making your own snacks for your cycle ride, sportive or your running race, or you already do and are on the look out for some other yummy recipes, I’ve got a great little discovery for you. Decathlon’s new Energy Bar Generator is a clever little widget that allows you to choose your sport – and there are plenty to choose from…running to cycling, hiking to fitness, diving to surfing. Select your intensity level and your favourite fruits and nuts, and add a dash of chocolate, if your heart desires. Submit your answers and hey presto! The widget comes up with an energy bar recipe to suit your tastes and your activity levels! There’s gluten free options too.

Decathlon Energy Bar GeneratorSuper quick, super delicious and packed full of energy

How about an energy bar with peanut butter, honey, blueberries, prunes and raspberries? Or one with banana, cranberries and chocolate chips? Each tray takes around five minutes to whizz up; pop them in the fridge for an hour and you’ve got yourself a delicious tray of energy bars! You don’t get much easier than that!

Check out the widget here for some great, healthy and delicious options. I’d love to hear what recipes the Decathlon Energy Bar Generator widget devises for you! Let me know in the comments below.