Facing the fear
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OK, so last time I posted I asked for your help. Something was wrong and I didn’t like it. I’d lost my mojo and facing the fear felt like an enormous task!

Well, I am pleased to report that I seemed to have found it again. Thanks to everyone who left such good advice about getting back out on my bike and riding just for the sake of riding, forgetting everything and simply enjoying it. And it was nice to hear that I’m not the only one to experience these feelings. Sometimes you just need to hear encouraging and comforting words from others who have perhaps been in the same situation or can at least relate to what you are saying. That was good to hear.

A couple of weeks back I set up a local women’s cycling group – I guess that means I get to tick off #3 on my list of 12 New Challenges for 2014 – yay! And I know some of you suggested that I should get out and just enjoy the time on my own, pressure free, but I think, had I not had others to ride with I would have found any excuse not to get back on two wheels.

Whilst I set up a local women’s cycling group with the intention of encouraging more women into cycling, what has actually happened is that they have rescued me from falling out of love with life on two wheels.

Sunday 9 March was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm! Spring in the UK is rarely as warm so it really was the perfect day to venture back on to the ‘beautiful red one’. It had to be done.

Facing the fear
Me ready to face the fear!

We’d arranged to meet in our local town market square for a ride into the Vale of Belvoir. The ride wasn’t planned until the afternoon and I’d be lying if I said there weren’t various points during the morning that I very nearly pulled out, trying desperately to think of a believable excuse. But, I sat myself down, gave myself a very good talking to, read this post on riding like you have no fear and then I decided to face my own fear. Head on!

Well, I am so pleased to report that thanks to the lovely women in my cycling group, it was a great ride, at a really enjoyable pace, with some challenges here and there and a great pub stop with a lovely beer garden half way round with amazing views. 35km down and I was reminded of all the things I love about cycling. And it made me wonder why it had taken me so long after the Team Honk ride to get back on my road bike and face my fear.

facing the fear
View from the beer garden – what’s not to love?

Cycling on your own can be great: peaceful, thought-provoking and relaxing. But riding in a group is fun, motivating, full of camaraderie, words of encouragement and understanding and it was just what I needed to overcome the challenge of facing my fear.



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  1. So glad you’ve got back on your bike! I think sometimes having a group of people to encourage and support is just what you need. That view from the beer garden looks lovely x
    Emily G recently posted…GUILTMy Profile

    • Thanks Emily. Cycling with others definitely makes a difference, especially women. It’s such a supportive atmosphere (And I can’t keep up with the men yet when I go out with them!).

  2. Well done for getting back on your bike, and for forming the cycling group. Since I’ve started cycling again I’ve only been on my own, but as a teenager I used to go on cycling holidays where I’d cycle in a group for a week or two and it was usually fun to have someone with you.
    Kate Davis recently posted…7 years blogging, 17 years onlineMy Profile

  3. Such a beautiful view and I am so glad that you’re loving cycling again! I so often give up on things when I don’t have other people relying on me to be there. I believe my own excuses, which is so ridiculous. Well done for getting through,to the other side, here’s to lots more enjoyable rides.
    Jenni recently posted…Your Image 2 Canvas ReviewMy Profile

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