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Some facts and figures on the World Triathlon London

Recently, I wrote about how my friend had fallen from her bike knocking herself unconscious. That really was a hair raising experience for all of us and, honestly, I shall never ride a bike again without wearing a helmet. What’s a few strands of hair out of place when my skull can be kept in one piece?

I have spoken to a few people lately, who have either fallen from their bike or know of someone who has had ‘quite a fall’ from their two wheels. Quite frankly, the whole thing has got me thinking about insuring the ‘beautiful red one’. It’s probably quite silly not to have already done so. I’d be pretty devastated if anything happened to her, either through the hands of someone else or because of an accident. OK, so she’s not the most expensive of road bikes, but she’s not the cheapest either and she’s precious to me. She fits me like a glove…and we all know how much we hate it when we lose a glove.

This week’s task? Cycle insurance!

So, whilst researching cycle insurance I stumbled across Yellow Jersey, a newly launched London cycle insurance company. You may have already heard of them as they’re supporting the ITU World Triathlon in London next month. You’re probably more on the ball than me and considered cycle insurance as a matter of priority when you purchased your new two-wheeled best friend. (nudge nudge if you’re not and you didn’t).

Tri harder?

As regular readers will know, 2014 is the year of new cycling things for me. My other half and I have been busy looking at events to both participate in and to go and watch as spectators. Watching Marianne Vos gain her yellow jersey in the Friend’s Life Women’s Tour 2014 from the comfort of my sofa last week had me screaming at the TV screen and tweeting like my life depended on it! Just imagine if I was watching something live, right there at the road side! So, intrigued, I took a closer look and came across some interesting facts about women and the ITU World Triathlon London.

I thought I was late to cycling at 30 something but the average age for a triathlete is 43 years old. Very reassuring! Some of you may know better than me, but my understanding is that the ITU World Triathlon event is quite an event so I was really surprised to hear that 12 per cent of those who entered last year were racing their first ever triathlon! Whilst my other half has completed a triathlon (a very small triathlon, it has to be said) I have yet to take the plunge….it is literally that open water swim that is putting me off. Actually, the thought literally terrifies me and running is not my strong point – but there is time for me yet!

If you’re braver than I am – and I imagine you are, after all it is just water – I just have some crazy, weird fear of something huge and horrible making a beeline for me and sucking me under so that I am never to return again – then do it! Sign up! 38 per cent of participants last year were women, which is fantastic! But wouldn’t it be awesome to hear how that figure had risen even higher in 2014? Go on, give it a go!

OK, so I may not be doing my bit to increase the women participating in the ITU World Triathlon event, but I have now insured the beautiful red one. Don’t rush me! One step at a time!








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    • I’m not actually doing the triathlon – I have a massive fear of water (open water) but I am hoping to go and watch. It’s sure to be a great event. Rather just enjoying time on my bike, watching cycling has become a bit of a new passion for me this year!

  1. I have known of several young people who have fallen off and hit their heads badly enough for it to be a life changing event. All cyclists need to protect their heads. Good luck with the triathlon.

  2. A few years ago I split a helmet completely in two when I was hit by a white van turning left without looking in London. At the time, I’m sorry to admit that I was a sporadic helmet wearer… now I can’t look at my bike without my helmet on!

    Best of luck with your training 🙂

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