Worry+Peace name Ordinary Cycling Girl in top 10 UK Cycling SitesCycle insurance company Worry+Peace recently listed their top 10 UK cycling sites and who should be mentioned but Ordinary Cycling Girl! How lovely! Thank you kindly Worry+Peace, It’s always so nice when someone recognises this blog, gets the reasons behind why I write it and why I love writing it, but to be mentioned alongside some truly brilliant cycling sites is really, really flattering.

It’s…a great way in for women to get a peek into what cycling is like – and women on bikes are under-represented not just in sport, but also out on our streets riding around. – Worry+Peace on OCG

File alongside empowering initiatives like #thisgirlcan – Worry+Peace on OCG

To have Ordinary Cycling Girl mentioned in the same sentence as the wonderful initiative that is #thisgirlcan is extremely flattering. You can check out Simon Munk’s kind words (thank you Simon) and the other brilliant sites mentioned by visiting Worry + Peace.


And while you’re checking out the 10 ten sites listed alongside OCG why not try and win a cycling jersey.

You may be interested to hear that Worry+Peace are celebrating the launch of their new own-branded cycle insurance product by launching Worry+Peace X. Their first campaign is with the quite awesome Paria – the freshest cycle brand on the block. You should check them out too, if you haven’t already.

X is a series of invite-only collaborations with some of the most cutting-edge and challenging lifestyle brands and start-ups. This first alliance with Paria is creating a series of cycling apparel designs. And you can help decide the winning limited edition design by voting on social media…and if you vote you get the chance to win a cycling jersey! Worth a shot for a lovely looking jersey to add to your cycling wardrobe.

The collaboration will see a Worry+Peace “team” jersey designed by Paria made available for competition prizes and a limited run on the Paria site.

If you fancy trying your luck it’s really easy to join in. All you have to do is simply tweet them with your preferred design number! Just replace the X in the tweet below with the number of your preferred design.

“@worryandpeace @pariacc #NoXW+PxParia” (103 characters.)

“We’re all about lifestyle, so this collaboration to develop our creative mantra with other inspiring brands is really exciting,” says Worry+Peace founder, James York. “Paria are a fresh and confident challenger brand in the growing urban cycling market – and we relate to that!”

There’s some really cool designs to choose from. I’ve voted for my favourite. I’m not sure whether I should disclose which one I went for. Oh, go on then – it’s No.3 for me. How about you? Which one do you prefer?




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  1. Well done for getting recognised. I had a couple of bits of independent recognition last month and it is such a boost.

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