Showers Pass Rogue HoodieAsk anyone who sees me out at the moment and they’ll tell you just how often I’m wearing this red Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie, a soft shell jacket which is packed with great little features.

Before I start, you can probably already tell this is going to be a positive review; and then you may well ask why you don’t see many negative reviews on OCG. In case it’s not obvious, the items reviewed on Ordinary Cycling Girl are sent to me by the manufacturer, distributor or PR. I don’t receive payment for writing reviews. The truth is, there’s not a lot of fun in writing negative reviews about products that are far from impressive. I receive quite a lot of clothing for review purposes and in the main, I like much of it. If I do, you’ll find a write up on here telling you exactly why it’s worth spending your hard earned cash on it. It’ll be an honest and unbiased review. If there are any bad points I’ve found I’ll certainly tell you, but if it’s featured on Ordinary Cycling Girl you can be sure that overall I’ve liked it.

So, what’s great about the Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie?

I’ve been wearing this windproof, waterproof jacket for a couple of months now and since Autumn has arrived it’s really come into its own. It’s a multi purpose jacket so it’s rarely been off my back and I’ve been wearing it to anything and everything, not just for cycling.

The Rogue Hoodie is sold as a lifestyle commuter jacket perfect for activities like cycling, hiking, camping, out on the slopes or simply around town. I don’t hike or ski but I have worn it around town and whilst cycling and just for general outdoors stuff – like a visit to a theme park recently where it received probably the best test possible for wet weather during a ride on the log flume. And yes, it faired really well on that!

The technical stuff

The Rogue Hoodie has some really good features. It’s made of a fleece lined waterproof-breathable fabric, it has snug wrist gaiters with thumb loops, a hidden inside pocket in the chest area, a loop for hanging a light, a zipped pocket to the back of the jacket, a longer back length, a decent sized hood designed to fit over your cycling helmet and adjustable draw cords around the bottom of the jacket and the hood, plus reflective trim to ensure you’re seen in the less than favourable light of the winter morning and evening commute.

The best of the design features

In short, it’s pretty obvious it’s been designed with the cyclist in mind. The ‘tailed’ back has a definitive drop to it, which I really like. Often, as a taller woman, I find the the body of women’s specific clothing can be quite short, but not so with the Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie. And you can of course, cinch it in using the draw cord to keep out any drafts. As someone who has arthritis in her lumber spine, keeping chills away from my back falls pretty high up on my priority list, so the Rogue Hoodie ticked the boxes perfectly here.

The fit is good. It works well with a short sleeved jersey or for the colder weather you can add a few base layers underneath without feeling restricted. I hate that restricted feeling, so this is a great thing for me!

As well as the jacket, the pockets are also fleeced lined, so they always feel welcoming to hands when the temperatures are on the chillier side. I feel the cold, so little things like this matter to me.

Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie
Cosy fleece lined pockets

It has an adjustable hood so, fitting it over your cycling helmet, is pretty easy to do. A nice touch for the commuter. Or if you’re wearing it out with the kids, on the football pitch sideline for example or down at the park run, you can pull it in for a snugger fit.

The fabric is impressive; the brushed fleece is enough to feel soft against the body whilst wearing it next to the skin with a short sleeved jersey or t-shirt, but you can just tell by feeling it, it’s going to perform well in the wick stakes too. And it does.

Not only that, the rain just slides off. Bonus!

Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie
Waterproof and breathable

What I didn’t like  

The only thing I can honestly say that has niggled me with the Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie is the thumb loops. I find them an uncomfortable fit, especially once you’re reaching forwards over the handle bars of the bike. They pull just a little bit too much against that triangle of skin between your thumb and forefinger. I just don’t use them but over all, even without them to hold the sleeves down, the sleeves are a good length; the wrist gaiters are snug and soft and they keep the drafts out well.

Verdict on the Showers Pass Rogue Hoodie:

It’s a windproof jacket that performs well in regulating your body temperature during activity and keeping you dry. And it looks pretty stylish too. It comes in a choice of red or black. I’ve had many a compliment on the red version of this jacket and right now, it’s my favourite go-to jacket for all of my outdoor activities when the weather is looking unpredictable (which, let’s face it, is always here in the UK).

I think it’s a great performing, stylish and practical waterproof and windproof jacket that is well worth its £120 price tag.

*Showers Pass supplied the Rogue Hoodie for review purposes. All opinions are my own*




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