team spiritTeam spirit is a magical thing. Without it, many of us wouldn’t be half the people we are today. The nice thing about being part of a team is that you always have others on your side.

Today myself and my two little ones, I, 7 and S, 3 have been on a family bike ride. It was only a couple of miles around a lake, because at three, and only a month into riding his bike stabiliser-free that’s pretty much all S could manage. The wind started to build and the rain started to fall mid way through our ride and S was all set for giving up. ‘I can’t do it, mummy!” he shouted through tears. I had a huge surge of pride as I heard my daughter shout back to her brother: ‘You can do it! I know you can! I’ll wait right here and I’ll give you a big hug if you can make it a little bit further to me.” That was something very special right there. There was that magical thing. Team spirit.

It’s only a month since we watched Laura Trott take second place in the Milk Race live in Nottingham. I is a little bit obsessed with Laura and Wiggle Honda, and, yes, I am too! After all, when I first started this blog a couple of months ago, my daughter couldn’t have been less interested in riding her bike. And now, after watching Laura and all the other amazing elite women cycling in Nottingham, she’s out there, desperate to get on her bike, as often as she can, shouting words of encouragement to her little brother. They had competitions today to see who could cycle the furthest up out of the saddle, but she encouraged him all along. She just wanted him to do it and he echoed to her, “well done!” They’re a great little team.

You can do it!! – my 7 year old

Then tonight, we’ve sat the three of us tucked up on the sofa watching ITV4 and the British National Road Race Championships, excited to see the elite cycling on TV. My daughter was shouting at the screen ‘C’mon Laura, you can do it!’, I was sat on the edge of my seat and S was bouncing around all over the place. It was another inspirational performance from women’s cycling. Laura Trott came through to win, Dani King got second and Lizzie Armistead came third. Securing the one, two. Wiggle Honda pro women’s pro cycling team is one great team right now.

Wiggle Honda posted this video of their team preparations today and I had to share it with you. I’ve said it before, and I know I’ll say it again. Women’s cycling is brilliant! Not only is this video a great display of pro women’s cycling, this really is a great display of team spirit…

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