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August has seen a little blogging break on OCG…summer holidays, sunshine, family cycling and a couple of family trips away. It’s been a really lovely few weeks but with the children heading back to school very soon and temperatures in Europe staying warm for a little bit longer, it’s the perfect opportunity for those who are still hoping to squeeze in a cycling holiday.

A cycling holiday in Europe

For anyone who has the wanderlust bug, travelling across Europe offers so many opportunities. Spanning nearly 4 million square miles, the continent promises adventure and enriching cultural experiences. With amazing European rail links, it’s never been easier to access every corner of this incredible continent. But rather than simply train hopping, why not take your beloved bike with you?

Europe is the perfect place for a cycling holiday, so here are some the best cities to take your bike.

Cycling in Copenhagen

The Danish capital is known for being cycle friendly, with the government operating a city wide bike loan scheme for more than two decades. There are dedicated bike lanes and bridges across the city, with more continuously being added, which is no surprise when you realise that as almost half of Copenhagen’s citizens cycle every single day!

Cycling in Amsterdam

You can’t consider a European cycling holiday without thinking of Amsterdam. Renowned for its cycling culture, the Dutch capital city is largely flat, making it perfect for exploring by bike. Plus, with more than 60 miles of canals, many little islands and approximately 1,500 bridges, Amsterdam offers stunning scenery for a leisurely bike ride.

Cycling in Munich

The capital of Bavaria, this historical German city is most famously known for Oktoberfest, the world’s largest annual beer festival. However, with 125 miles of cycle lanes and paths, it’s also a fantastic place to take your bike. Take a cycle tour through explore the city at your own pace, as you pass through parks, city streets and along picturesque rivers. Beer and bikes! What’s not to love (although obviously I don’t condone doing both at the same time!).

Cycling in Seville

This sunny Spanish city is known for its flamenco dancing and orange trees, but it’s also a great destination for a cycling holiday. Featuring ancient castles, cathedrals and plazas, Seville has undergone a recent transformation. With new segregated cycle lanes across the city, officials have reported a huge increase in daily bike usage among locals and tourists.

Cycling in Strasbourg

Situated in north east France, this city sits along the Rhine River on the German border. It proudly boasts the largest cycle network in the whole of France and is home to more than 130,000 cyclists. In total, there’s 333 miles of designated cycling routes that allow you to explore the city’s Gothic architecture and pretty river views.

Many of Europe’s cities are incredibly bike friendly, offering great opportunities for cycling holidays. But if leisurely rides aren’t your thing then don’t worry, Europe also has some amazing long distance routes to offer if you prefer more of a challenge.

September will see me heading off to Spain for a few days of holiday cycling. Excited? Absolutely! So watch this space for a report back on what Catalonia has to offer. I can’t wait!

In the mean time, happy cycling! I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to over the summer holidays and whether you’ve visited any European cities not mentioned here with your bike.


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12 Comments on Travelling Through Europe? Take your Bike and Enjoy a Cycling Holiday!

  1. When you go to these European cities it’s great to see cycling being so popular and looking so safe.

  2. I love how cycle friendly Europe is…we were in the Netherlands a few months ago and it was fantastic to see how much a part of every day life it is there and properly set up for it. I wish it was easier over here.

    • There are so many cities and countries that are better set up than we are. It’s such a shame, but it does make it a real incentive to head abroad for a cycling trip!

    • I’m really looking forward to it. Some sunshine in September (hopefully) combined with cycling and sight seeing in a beautiful area. Can’t wait! I’ll be sure to report back!

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