Team Honk for Comic Relief 2015

Only two sleeps to go until I will be dancing my little socks off with Team Honk for Comic Relief. As well as being International Women’s Day (a big shout out to all the women’s cycle rides scheduled) Sunday 8 March is also the day of the Red Nose Day danceathon.

I’ll be donning a tutu and leg warmers and busting moves for six hours at Wembley Arena for Comic Relief. Yes, SIX hours people!! Think of the miles I could cycle in that time or the marathons I could run (erm, no I can’t run, but you get the analogy I’m trying to make)! Instead, I’ll be using just as much energy dancing a different style every 30 minutes. It’s going to be like a six hour long aerobics session!

A huge thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far. Every penny really makes a big difference and as I type this Team Honk have collectively raised over £20,500. Absolutely amazing. Team Honk are led by three incredible women, Penny, Tanya and Annie – without them there would be no Team Honk. As it stands Team Honk is a band of bloggers and their wonderful friends and family and it never ceases to amaze me how collectively fantastic the blogging power can be! With Penny, Annie and Tanya leading the team it’s always going to be a force to be reckoned with, raising incredible amounts of money for a wonderful cause where lasting change is made as a result. Over £60,000 in three years is something quite special!

So with only two sleeps to go, I have my red tutu ordered, my red leg warmers at the ready and a bum bag on borrow so that I can store my phone and tweet & instagram some photos of me and the other Team Honkers in action and you can see exactly what we’re up to for Comic Relief.

Team Honk #DanceYourYears

We’re also going to be streamed live on the Red Button on your television, so tune in and join in!! You could #DanceYourYears and help us to raise more money whilst you’re watching.

Please do sponsor me if you can via my Red Nose Day giving page. And a huge, massive thank you to everyone who already has.  Honk! Honk! to you all! #GoodWork people 🙂

And be sure to follow @Team_Honk and #danceathon on Twitter.




27 Comments on Two Sleeps to Go for the Tutu and Team Honk!

    • Lovely to see you too Jaime! Wasn’t it fab! I loved every minute. I have never danced so much in one go in all my life…and probably never will again. Unless we do it all again next year of course!

    • So pleased to hear you were watching Clare. I kept getting texts and messages to say friends and family had spotted me on the red button but I forgot to record it! Typical! Hope you enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed participating. Learning the Thriller dance was my absolute favourite part! So much fun and all in support of an amazing cause.

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