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In two sleeps I’ll be heading off on my first ever cycling holiday to Catalunya. Excited? Yes, you could say that! The smalls have taken the news that mum will be away for a few days very well and I have to say I’m really looking forward to sunshine, beautiful scenery and of course, some two-wheeled fun!

Having never cycled abroad before, I’ve been thinking about the types of things I’m hoping Catalunya will offer and the things other people might look for when cycling abroad and choosing their ideal cycling holiday.

For me personally, the weather is a major factor. It’s true to say I’m a fair weather cyclist! I just function better in the warmth of the sunshine! There’s not a lot better than cycling with the sun on your face.

The difficulty level is also key. I’m no pro-cyclist and the fitness I do have comes and goes depending on what kind of family commitments I’ve had. Cycling in hotter climates, makes me worry about whether I’d be able to handle anything too challenging. Hills are not my closest ally at the best of times!

Then of course, there’s the after-cycling fun to look forward to. Nice accommodation to chill out in, delicious food and good wine to wash it all down with are all big pulls after a day of cycling.

Research released today commissioned by South Tyrol in partnership with RCUK ( reveals I’m not the only Brit that hopes for good scenery and delicious food and wine when taking a cycling break.

Here are the top ten things UK holidaymakers look for when booking a cycling holiday:

  1. Scenery and landscape – 71%
  2. Degree and type of cycling challenge – 67%
  3. Likelihood of good weather – 56%
  4. Terrain – 54%
  5. Good food and wine – 30%
  6. History and heritage of rides – 19%
  7. Watch a cycling race – 19%
  8. Taking part in a cycling event – 13%
  9. Luxury accommodation – 11%
  10. Other sporting opportunities – 4%

I can’t wait to share my #CatalunyaExperience with you. Follow me @OrdCyclingGirl and the hashtag #CatalunyaExperience over on twitter to see what I’m up to on my travels and I’ll have a full debrief on my return.

What is top of your list of priorities when booking an active holiday?

8 Comments on Two Sleeps Until My First Cycling Holiday #CataluynaExperience

  1. Donna it’s a warm 29deg over here on Isla d Majorca! So you should have some great weather – great food and drink are a given, enjoy your trip and I’m looking forward to the blog.

  2. Cycling abroad sounds so interesting. I could feel the amazing holiday you have had. The climate and the weather are really fantastic. Hope you have enjoyed your first cycling of holiday.

    • I’ve had a really great time. It’s been wonderful to cycle in the sunshine in amazing scenery. First day back today and it’s grey, cold and rainy. Catalunya was fantastic; look out for the write-up coming soon.

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