Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights

When I first discovered my love for cycling there was little out there in the form of women’s specific kit, particularly shorts and tights that were cut for a woman’s shape. As a five foot nine tall woman, with a 33 inch inside leg, I would opt for men’s tights so that I could be sure to get the leg length I needed, but take it from me, there is nothing more uncomfortable than cycling in something where the chamois is bulky and chaffing in the groin area. Ouch!

Who are Fierlan?

That was my experience until I discovered Fierlan. Fierlan is a British women’s cycling apparel brand based in Bristol. They’re quite new to the scene and with lovely flattering designs, that are cool rather than girly and great Italian made quality, they’re really making a name for themselves.

A few months back I tried their cycling shorts and was really impressed with the cut of the chamois; the fact it still provided sufficient padding without that awful bulkiness and I loved the fact these shorts are high waisted. No back flashing or kidney chill whilst you’re cycling! So when Fierlan asked me to try their three-quarter length bib cycling tights I was really keen.

 The Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights

The Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights are the first three-quarter length tights I have ever worn, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from a pair. Well, I can tell you that they are pretty blummin’ good when it comes to bridging the gap between cycling shorts and bib tights, especially on the days when the Great British weather isn’t quite sure what season it’s falling into.

The quality of these particular bib tights is as impressive as the cycling shorts. They are made of good quality fabric that doesn’t become see-through as soon as it is stretched, with you sat on the saddle and leaning forward over the handlebars (I hate riding behind cyclists when you can see straight through their bib tights!).

Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights

Comfort and style

All of the bib tights that I’ve tried in the past have been quite uncomfortable over the shoulders with me feeling as though the straps have been pulling down on my shoulders. I would find myself with achy shoulder muscles shortly after wearing them, but that doesn’t happen with the Fierlan three quarter length bib tights. They have an innovative cross-over design over the chest area and a muscle back design which is both comfortable, flattering and the cross-over protects your modesty. They feel less restrictive than any pair of bib tights I’ve worn in the past and they are feminine without being overly so; I like this design a lot.

Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights


When it comes to length, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a three-quarter length bib tight and if I’m honest, I think I would probably like these tights to finish a couple of inches lower on my leg. But remember I’m tall and my legs are quite long for a woman at 33 inches! So on someone with average length legs rather than my lengthy additions I’m sure these would be pretty perfect. The Fierlan three-quarter length bib tights finish about two inches below my knees, but they stay in place well, thanks to the silicone dots around the bottom of the leg. They also have a rather nice and effective cooling panel right behind the knee.

I’m a size 8 and the small in these fits me well. The size small would fit a UK 10 well too. I’d say they’re pretty true to the Fierlan size guide which is always comforting to know. It’s never fun buying an item online only to find when it arrives they bear no resemblance to what you were expecting and only a gnat would fit into them! They’re a flattering fit, which is figure-skimming rather than figure-hugging which only adds to their comfort.

Recommended, or not?

All in all, the Fierlan three-quarter length bib cycling tights get a big thumbs up from Ordinary Cycling Girl. They are comfortable, flattering and a really nice quality tight that is designed and cut to fit. It’s great to find a home-grown women’s cycling apparel brand that really puts thought into their designs.

The Fierlan three-quarter bib cycling tights RRP at £90 but if you head over there now they’re on sale at £60.

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