Ordinary Cycling Girl

Hello, I’m Donna, welcome to Ordinary Cycling Girl. *waves*

My other half has the cycling bug. He’s been quite unwell with it for some time now. He kindly bought me a bike, a beautiful red Specialized Dolce road bike, and it sat in the garage for a while. I wasn’t very popular.

Then I discovered padded shorts, carbon-soled clip-in shoes and energy gels. It’s time to get on that bike and show him how it’s done.


Now, I say hopefully as I’m mum to two little ones, I’m in my thirties, and I’ve had four lots of back surgery in my time. And my dodgy back still interrupts life every now and again. I suspect it’s going to be a fun but bumpy ride…so someone, please pass the chamois cream!

So, that’s me: an ordinary cycling girl, a freelance writer (you can contact me here if you’d like to work together), a woman discovering and loving life and travel on two wheels.

Oh, and I’m rather obsessed with yoga and stand up paddle boarding too! Just like cycling, I’ve discovered they help your body and your soul feel incredible!

So let’s adventure together! Get outdoors, climb on your bike, roll out your mat, get on the water….whatever it is that’s your thing, enjoy it! Take some well-deserved time for you and smile! C’mon people, who’s with me!




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    • Thank you Sian! I love The Girl Outdoors too. I keep popping by to check out what adventures you and Mary have been up to! It’s a great starry jersey isn’t it; it’s from Ana Nichoola! 🙂

    • It’s a mix of good and bad Marie to be honest. We have some dedicated cycling lane infrastructure through the city but driver’s attitudes could definitely improve towards cyclists I think. Great to hear that Amsterdam is ensuring cyclists feel welcome and that lots of people are commuting by bike.

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