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Aviva Stress Less Challenge: week three

Aviva Stress Less Challenge Week three
The Aviva Stress Less Challenge has gone well! photo credit: köh via photopin cc

I’ve been taking part in the Aviva Stress Less Challenge in conjunction with the Mumsnet blogger network and their research panel. I’ve been trying out the tips recommended especially for me by the Aviva experts over the last two weeks. You can read about my experiences with getting started with the challenge and the information that Aviva needed from me. And then how I got on with the first set of tips from their lovely experts.

I wasn’t too well during the first week – I was recovering from a three week long chest infection and was shattered, so whilst I gave the tips a try, some days I was just too tired to follow through with the diet tips of ensuring my meals were split in 60:30:10 ratios. This week, however, I’ve been feeling much better and the tips have gone well. (more…)

Aviva stress less challenge – week two

photo credit: Finsec via photopin cc
photo credit: Finsec via photopin cc

I’ve been taking part in Aviva’s Stress Less challenge in conjunction with Mumsnet and I’ve been trying out the tips they recommended for me over the last seven days. In all honesty, I’ve found myself a little bit stressed with the pressure of ensuring I’ve tried them all out and given them a good go.

I tried to do a video blog of how I got on but for some reason I’m having difficulties editing it on this new laptop of mine, so I’ll need to work on that and try and get that sorted for next week.

So, how did I get on? Sadly, not nearly as well as I’d hoped, to be honest. (more…)

Aviva stress less challenge

Aviva stress less challenge
Image: Bernard Goldbach via Flickr

So, I recently discussed my experiences with anxiety and stress and disclosed one or two things that in all honesty, I don’t normally talk about publicly. It was all for Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 and if it helps just one person with their experiences, well, that’s great! Thanks to all who left such kind words – it was very much appreciated. We all suffer with a bit of stress right? OK, so perhaps some of us have more than others, or perhaps some of us are better at dealing with it than others. But, when it comes to coping mechanisms for difficult times we all have our own individual ways of trying to stress less. (more…)