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The Top Five Boroughs in England for Cycling

Image via Flickr: Phil Gradwell (Creative Commons Licence)
Image via Flickr: Phil Gradwell (Creative Commons Licence)

Cycling continues to take the UK by storm as people seek a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of getting around, which got me thinking as to which cities and areas in England are the best places for riders to get on their bikes?

Toothpick have put together the Healthy Access study which provides data focused on the percentage of people who cycle at least once a week for any amount of time. The findings are really interesting!

So, which are the top five boroughs in England for cycling? (more…)

Bike Friendly Cities – The UK and Europe Edition

Bike friendly cities UK and Europe
Image via Flickr

It’s been a mixed bag here in Notts weather wise of late, but incredibly, we’re nearly at the end of March already. Finally, there is some colour starting to creep back into the garden and I’m starting to get my cycling mojo back!

Summer may still seem a little way off, especially with the adverse weather conditions of late – we have after all had wind, sleet and 15 degrees of sunshine all within the space of the last couple of weeks – but it will soon be time to start planning those summer trips away. Although exploring your chosen holiday location by foot can be fun, taking in the sights from your saddle is just that little bit more enjoyable – and a lot less tiring for your feet too! (more…)