5 Reasons to Love the Vitamix S30

5 Reasons Why I Love the Vitamix S30 – and you will too!

I have been eyeing up one of the Vitamix blenders for around a year, so when Vitamix contacted me a couple of months ago and asked me to try out their Vitamix S30 I was super quick to bite their hand off! Trying to consciously improve my diet so that I can feel better on the inside and look better on the outside, the Vitamix range had been my radar as some of the best blenders on the market.

Despite its pretty hefty RRP at around £299, the S-series is the baby of the Vitamix models; for a kitchen blender I can’t deny that’s a lot of money to pay. But the Vitamix is special and I can see why they have the reputation they have. For anyone into their healthy eating and their cooking, the Vitamix S30 is an investment worth adding to your kitchen.  Here’s the top five reasons why I love it:

The Vitamix S30 might be smaller than the other models, but that’s one very good reason to love it.

It can stay sitting suavely on my kitchen worktop, demanding the attention and use it deserves. There’s no need to hide it away because it’s bulky and ugly. Quite the opposite. This piece of kitchen equipment looks good and it deserves to be on show. Many a friend has visited and swooned over it! And, when you work with the Vitamix S30 it feels quality. Vitamix have not skimped. The components are made to last and it comes with a free seven year warranty, which I won’t be surprised if it outlives. Sleek, solid and built to last!

S30 Main Image
I opted to cream but Vitamix offers a whole variety of colours to suit your kitchen style!

The Vitamix S30 is super simple to use.

There’s no preset buttons on the Vitamix S30 model but I don’t mind that. Just a super whizzy dial with settings from 1-10 that get the job done effectively and efficiently.  I can just add the ingredients in the recommended order, give them a blast and I’m good! Simple. Everything comes apart easily for quick cleaning (in the dishwasher, I might add) and it all fits together in an obvious way. There’s no faffing, no fussing. Quick and easy. I like that.

20-ounce Container/Travel Cup

The Vitamix ‘to-go’ smoothie cup! What’s not to love about that?

Smoothies are my ‘go-to’ thing at the moment for a burst of energy and a good mix of fruit, veg and vitamins. My 4.30am wake ups for yoga teacher training demand a breakfast smoothie and definitely require a protein shake to take with me for the ten hours of yoga I’m doing.This ‘to-go’ smoothie cup is perfect for those on the go.

Make it, flip it, add the to-go lid and take it! Pop it in your gym bag or take it to work with your lunch in it. Either way, you’re sorted! With a double walled construction to keep everything chilled and fresh, you know it’s going to taste great too. I’ve found it to be well designed with a solid clip which seals to keep it from leaking. It’s been shaken up a lot, and I’ve never had the slightest leak! It also has an air hole for easier drinking (which also seals really well).

Small quantities? No problem for the Vitamix S30!

If you’re just wanting to blend small quantities, then this is your blender! The other Vitamix blenders don’t have this ‘to-go’ smoothie cup included, so their required minimum blend quantities are bigger. Sometimes you just need to blend a small amount. No problem. There’s no waste with the Vitamix S30 and the smaller capacity means that it will blend a small quantity really well.  No waste and super smooth results are a good thing! This was definitely not my experience with my existing cheaper blender. What is they say, buy cheap, buy twice!

Plenty of delicious options

The Vitamix S30 comes with a 40oz container for making those awesome recipes that the bigger Vitamix models are known for…and there’s a recipe book included with loads of delicious ideas.

Fancy a nice light lunch?

How does an Iced Mocha, followed by a Squash Frittata, all nicely finished off with a Lemon Drizzle cupcake grab you?

Yep, I thought so.

And it can all be made with the Vitamix S30. It’s a pretty nifty piece of equipment, don’t you think!

So, what’s not to like about the Vitamix S30? Anything?

Well, there are one or two small gripes that I have with it. It’s not as quiet as I expected, for example, but it’s definitely a more refined noise compared to my cheap blender. Definitely easier on the ears!

S-Series Blade Base

And I wish you didn’t have to remove the blades and the rubber thread to wash it each time. But you do as food does get into the threads. Whilst it’s simple to do, it would be a nice touch to be able to wash it by whizzing some warm soapy water through it like I understand you can with the other models. Still, it’s a small thing really. As I said above, it all goes in the dishwasher anyway, so I can’t really grumble!

The Vitamix S30 is a quality blender worth the investment

Overall, the Vitamix S30 really is a quality blender worthy of investment. I love it! And I’m sure you will too. Have a look at this model and the other models in the Vitamix range here.

Pop back over the coming weeks and I’ll have some super healthy and delicious recipes made with the Vitamix S30 for you to enjoy.

*Whilst this item was sent to me for review purposes, all opinions are my own.*


5 Reasons to Love the Vitamix S30

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    • Thanks Petra, yes, I’m really enjoying it! It’s great to be learning something new – it’s challenging my body and my mind, which I’m loving!

      The Vitamix blenders are at the top end of the market so they are definitely investment pieces of kitchen equipment, but the S30 has really impressed me! They’re definitely in a different league when it comes to quality!

  1. A good eating habit can also keep you fit and healthy. Love this vitamix blenders. Maybe i will purchase one day.

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