Best Cycling Blog 2016 - Trespass Blog Award winnerWinner! Trespass Blog Awards – Best Cycling Blog 2016

Well, 2017 has got off to a brilliant start for Ordinary Cycling Girl. I’ve won the best cycling blog 2016 in the Trespass Blog Awards for the second year running! How exciting!

When I first started writing Ordinary Cycling Girl I had no idea whether anyone would bother to read it. Never did I think that any of the content would make my blog considered worthy of being nominated for any kind of award. So thank you to everyone who considered Ordinary Cycling Girl worthy of being nominated in the Trespass Blog Awards in the category of best cycling blog. And for the second year running too!

Secondly, a huge thank to everyone who took a few minutes out of their day and voted for Ordinary Cycling Girl as best cycling blog! You are all stars! Towards the end of last year, a few personal things got in the way of blogging. Like I’ve said in the past, life sometimes gets in the way. So, I’m really very grateful to everyone who took the time to vote.  I honestly didn’t expect to win this year. There were some amazing blogs nominated in category – granted, all very different – but honestly, winning has been a really lovely surprise and a fantastic motivational boost going forwards with the blog.

Ultimately, when you write a blog, you write it for you and just kind of hope that others will enjoy reading it along the way. You hope that if someone should stumble across it and read it that you will, at least in some small way, inspire others with the words you write, or that the content will resonate in some way. You hope you will entertain, perhaps amuse, and perhaps instil some element of ‘ I can do that!’.

Here’s to more cycling adventures

I started Ordinary Cycling Girl because I couldn’t find a blog at the time that I felt I could connect with. I hadn’t been on a bike for years! With a history of back surgery and a spinal fusion, I hadn’t done any real exercise in a long while and everything I found felt way beyond my capabilities. Over the last few years, I have come to love cycling. I’ve come to love my time outdoors and the freedom cycling gives. Thanks to this blog, I have had the opportunity to go on some wonderful cycling adventures, work with some fantastic brands and visit and cycle in some truly beautiful places.

So THANK YOU! Cheers to you! And here’s to many more cycling adventures; I hope you’ll continue to join me for the ride!

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  1. Many congratulations. As a fellow blogger, I know the hard work that goes into this and it must be fantastic to have been recognised like this – again!

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