Jantastic 2015
It’s time for Jantastic 2015

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. It was a very lovely one here at OCG HQ full of family festive frivolity. I’ve eaten a ton of chocolate, my own body weight in turkey, cheese and Christmas pudding and drank the equivalent of a barrel load when it comes to cocktails, wine and spirits. All in all, while lots of fun has been had, I’m feeling ready to burst and about as a energetic as Santa on Boxing Day.

Cycling Hubby is feeling the same so we’ve decided to sign up for Jantastic 2015. We’ve never done it before but as life has taken over for both of us over recent months we need something to address our motivation and to kickstart our 2015 two wheeled adventures.

What is it?


I hadn’t heard of Jantastic until a local British Cycling coach brought it to my attention. She obviously sensed my need for motivation and was aware of my lack of commitment recently. I’m not one for cold weather cycling so I can honestly say I’ve been terrible at getting out over the last couple of months.

So Jantastic…what is it?

#Jantastic is a unique and exciting digital challenge that gives individuals and teams the structure and motivation to achieve their personal fitness, health and performance goals through the tough winter months of January to March, through a combination of swimming, cycling and running.

OK, so I can’t run (I have a back problem which means running isn’t something I can do) but the others I can…

And if you need extra motivation to get you going there is also the option of fundraising as Jantastic is backed by a number of partners including Macmillan and Virgin Money Giving.

In 2014, Jantastic saw over 21,000 people log 356,000 runs and cover in excess of one million miles. The goal for 2015 is to be bigger and better. So this year, with cycling and swimming included, Jantastic 2015 is hoping to see 100,000 people signing up to kick-start their New Year fitness programme, covering a total of 5 million miles.

It promises to be the fitness challenge that will get you started, keep you going and improve your health, fitness and performance.

It sounds like just what I need!

And it’s for everybody…Sofa Surfers, Occasional Exercisers, Regular Exercisers and PB Hunters. Jantastic allows participants to set their own personal goals through the Jantastic website. You will then be provided with regular motivation, reminders and encouragement, inspiring you to achieve your set goals throughout the cold winter months.

It sounds perfect to get me committed to regular exercise again – I’m willing to give it a go? Who’s joining me? The challenge starts on 5 January so you’ve still time to get involved!

And don’t forget to follow Jantastic on Twitter using the hashtag #Jantastic.

C’mon folks, get the base layers out…who’s with me?



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