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Reflections on my cycling progress

Reflections on my cycling progressIt’s the new year and it’s kind of inevitable to find a whole host of new year’s resolutions posts scattered across blogs in January.  I’m not really a fan of setting resolutions, I mean, why should we only commit to making changes in January? Life’s for living and our mindset changes throughout the year. If we choose to set ourselves goals, I see no reason to wait until January to do so. Any time of the year works for me, but I guess it’s the start of the year, and it’s always a good time to sit and reflect on what you’ve achieved and what you’re still hoping to complete.  I for one am definitely feeling all ‘festived-out’ in terms of alcohol and food consumption, so, OK, yes, it’s as good a time as any to reflect and perhaps reassess what my cycling and fitness hopes are for the next twelve months.

Back in February 2014, when I first started this blog (my goodness I can’t believe Ordinary Cycling Girl has had its own little space on the internet for nearly two years now), I wrote this post about my cycling hopes and aims for 2014. I’d kind of forgotten about it until someone asked me how I’d got on with them, so I thought a good place to start would be to take a look and see just how I did get on with my last list of hopes, aims and personal cycling challenges. (more…)

12 challenges for 2014

12 challenges for 2014Yesterday, I posted about how I had stumbled across and their ‘Attaining a Higher State of Consciousness’ Challenge 2014′. Since then I have sat and mulled over what I would like to achieve from my cycling in 2014.  I expected it to be a fairly easy contemplation but I’ve found it tougher than expected. I got five straight away but the others took a bit longer and I’m still stumped by number 12. (more…)