energy snacksTwo weeks ago I was cycling in Tenerife up long and plentiful climbs in the warm mediterranean sun! 26 degrees and kilometre after kilometre of climbing! Tenerife was amazing and I can’t wait to tell you all about it, so watch this space; there’ll be a full blog post telling you every step of the adventure we had, later this week. If there’s one thing I learned, it was the importance of eating right to fuel your ride! I forgot to pack energy snacks in my Tenerife suitcase and boy, did I regret it!

Cycling is a completely brilliant way of keeping fit. Not only does it work wonders on your physical body but I find it a really enjoyable way of escaping the humdrum of everyday life. Sometimes, if it weren’t for my legs screaming ‘stop!’ I think I could cycle forever! But cycling is energy intensive and your body needs help to keep it performing to the best of its ability. If you don’t refuel, you will soon find that it won’t be long before you hit the wall (technically termed in cycling as ‘bonking’ – yes folks, that is a technical term!).

To really perform your best, nutrition before training, during training and after training are all key factors to consider. Fuel your body correctly at all three stages and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your performance and how you feel in yourself. Energy Snacks, a newly launched UK site, offer the perfect training companion with their monthly box of energy snacks packed to the brim with everything you need to compliment your riding.

cyclingEnergy Snacks offer a monthly sports nutrition (endurance focused) and energy foods box designed to offer a wide variety of sports nutrition and energy food products. The boxes contain 12 products and the fantastic thing about them is that they are available on a subscription basis, as a one-off or as a ‘create your own’ option with a mix of products chosen for the month. The ‘create your own’ option enables you to remove any products you don’t want due to personal taste preferences and select an alternative. Perfect for those of you, who like me, really don’t like the taste of energy gels!

What a great selection and all delivered, nicely packaged, directly to your door!

Energy snacks to keep you pedalling

In the box they kindly sent me to try, I found a whole array of great products:

  • 32Gi – Sport Chews – Orange
  • 32Gi – Sport Gel – Raspberry
  • GU – Energy Gel – Chocolate Outrage
  • GU – Stroopwafel – Caramel Coffee
  • High5 – IsoGel X’treme – Tropical
  • Mule Bar – Energy Bar – Apple Strudel
  • PowerBar – PowerGel Shots – Cola
  • Sweet Peaks – Energy Sweets – Citrus
  • Tribe – Energy Bar – Cacao & Almond


  • OTE – Hydro Tabs – Blackcurrant
  • Virtue – Energy Water – Lemon & Lime


  • PowerBar – Recovery 2.0 – Raspberry Cooler

The Virtue energy water, the Sweet Peaks energy sweets and the Mule Bar apple strudel energy bar are my personal favourites. I’ve really enjoyed trying some effective and delicious energy snacks that I perhaps wouldn’t have chosen ordinarily.

Check them out at, where you can fuel your ride for £19.99, with a really great selection of energy snacks which will set you up for a month of riding. I’ll definitely be stocking up and including a box in my suitcase for my next cycling adventures abroad!


*This post has been written in collaboration with Energy Snacks.*

6 Comments on Energy Snacks to Fuel Your Ride

  1. A monthly energy box is a great idea! I usually only realize I’ve ran out just as I’m heading out for a ride or a run! I’m normally a gel man but the Mule Bar apple strudel energy bar sounds well worth a try!

  2. I’m not a fan of gels either, like to feel like I’m eating proper food for my fuel! Are any of the snack options in the box made with only natural ingredients or are they all fairly processed?

    • Hi Joey, definitely head over and take a good look at the Energy Snacks website as they have a lot of options on there and it’s growing all the time. Their range of bars contain lots of natural products; check out Kind Bars and Cliff Energy Bars for example. Happy cycling! 🙂

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