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Cyclists love coffee. The two just seem to fit so snugly together. There’s rarely a cross word between a cyclist and their coffee cup…it’s the perfect relationship. A steaming cup of hot coffee filling the kitchen with it’s delicious aroma is the most wonderful way to start the day and the perfect way to prepare for that cycle ride.

pact coffee
Our ‘San Antonio’ blend coffee from Pact

Pact San Antonio freshly ground coffee has made my hubby a very happy man this week. He’s actually been keen to indulge in conversation before leaving for work on a morning, waxing lyrical about how fantastic it is and the cafetiere has seen even more action than usual. “Smooth, like a chocolate orange!” was how he described this particular blend. The aromas filling the house from the San Antonio course ground Guatemalan coffee have been quite special…I normally prefer tea myself, but not at all bitter and with tempting notes of orange, chocolate and biscuit, it’s been just lovely. In Mr OCG’s words:

“There’s nothing quite like super fresh coffee that hits all the right places! Perfect!”

Whilst Mr OCG has been sat sipping his coffee and preparing himself for his daily cycling commute, I’ve been reading the first edition of The Perc, Pact’s ‘new free coffee magazine for you to pour over’ while your coffee’s brewing and preparing you for your day.

the Perc
The Perc.

I’ve learned a few things, I can tell you. How many of you have heard that keeping your coffee in the fridge or freezer is a good thing? Yes, us too! Well, apparently not – the moisture acts as a kind of coffee loving cyclist that’s just climbed the biggest of hills and it sucks all the flavour right out of it. *swiftly ventures to the kitchen and removes all coffee from the freezer drawer and places back in a super duper airtight container.*

Now, if I’m being honest, and as I’ve said, while my other half would always choose coffee, my preference would be tea, but the smell of this coffee and Mr OCG’s enthusiasm has enticed me! Plus there’s a rather appealing recipe for a coffee-infused alcoholic tipple included in The Perc. What a great way to kick back after a long day in the saddle – coffee with notes of oranges and chocolate digestives and alcohol! Sooo good! Cachaca for me and whiskey for him. De-li-cious!

If you’ve not tried Pact coffee before, they offer whole or ground beans depending on your preference and brewing style. If ground is your thing they’ll grind it minutes before it’s sent in a special valve bag that keeps your coffee fresher for longer. They also make sure they grind it to suit the coffee machine you’re using at home – fine for espresso, coarse for cafetiere and everything in between. Pretty neat hey! It’s then popped in a letter-box friendly bag and sent directly to your door mat.

Fancy trying a first bag of Pact Coffee for £1 including postage?

If your taste buds are calling out for something new and wonderful, and why wouldn’t they be, why not check out what Pact has to offer. They’re kindly offering OCG readers their first bag for £1.

Pact have a whole array of coffees to kick start your day, fire up your ride and feed your caffeine fix…fruity coffees, chocolatey coffees, nutty coffees, whatever your favourite kind of caffeine kick is, Pact will have something to suit you and their subscription service is a great way for coffee lovers to try something different. And it’s all wrapped up with a great delivery service too.

Visit their home page and you’ll see a button to “pick a coffee”. This will open a pop-up window where you can enter your name. In the next screen if you enter the voucher code ‘ordinarycyclinggirl’ you’ll receive a message saying your first bag will cost just £1.

You’ll then be asked a few questions such as whether you grind your own beans or not, if you have milk or sugar and finally Pact Coffee will recommend the perfect coffee for you. Whatever your choice, you’ll receive that first bag for just £1 (including postage). Each bag thereafter is charged at £6.95 for 250g. As Pact don’t tie you in to any kind of contract, you can unsubscribe at any point if you decide the service isn’t for you.

Sit back, relax and enjoy! (*Wonders* Is it too early to bring out the cachaca?)

Disclosure: This post does not contain any affiliate links but has been written in collaboration with Pact Coffee. We were sent a bag of their San Antonio freshly ground coffee for review purposes.





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    • Thanks, Penny. No you shouldn’t keep it in the fridge, Penny! That’s what we had been doing with our coffee as we had heard it keeps it fresh but in fact you shouldn’t!! Pact don’t recommend it as the moisture from the fridge or freezer zaps the coffee’s taste. An airtight container is the best place…or Pact’s resealable bag of course.

  1. Always enjoy reading your blogs and this one eas no exception.

    Personally I haven’t mutred into a proper grown up adult yet even though the age of 37 dictates I should be. I don’t drink tea or coffee but still enjoyed the blog.

    Maybe one day I’ll be a big boy, all grown up and drink tea and coffee.

    Even my 4yr old and 8yr old drink tea! Lol
    Stu recently posted…Me, Myself & IMy Profile

    • Thanks for the kind words, Stu. To be honest, I’m a similar age to you and I’ve only ventured into the grown up world of hot drinks in the last two years! There’s time for you yet! 😉

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