Decathlon Energy Bar GeneratorLooking to try something homemade and healthy to boost your energy levels for outdoor fitness activities? For tasty, quick-to-make alternatives to gels, you could try fuelling your ride with the new Decathlon energy bar generator.

I’ve been taking at look at my diet and trying hard to eat more healthily lately. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but now that I’m concentrating more on my fitness I’ve become more conscious about what food I’m putting into my body. When it comes to cycling, I tend to fuel my ride by preparing with a breakfast of porridge topped with berries and honey. I find a big bowl of porridge on a cold morning both comforting and soothing and I think it tends to set me up well providing sustained energy.

An energy filled breakfast

During my recent Lake Constance cycling trip, each day’s ride was fuelled with Bircher; a cold oaty breakfast made from muesli, yoghurt and fresh fruit. I’d not had this before, but loved it so much that as soon as I arrived home I made my own! Bircher is super easy to make. I make mine with porridge oats or muesli, greek yoghurt, a grated apple and whatever berries I have. Mix it all together and leave it to soak overnight in the fridge. It’s great at this time of year as a cold alternative to warm porridge on summer’s morning.

Nice and oatsy!

During a ride, I tend to turn to oats again! I don’t know about you, but I find energy gels have a tendency to make me feel sick. I’m not a fan of the fake tasting flavours either. I’d much rather fuel my cycle ride with a flapjack. Cheap and easy to make and yummy. And it’s easy to add in a few extras to make them even more delicious. Pumpkin seeds and cranberries are my favourite!

Homemade ideas with the Decathlon Energy Bar Generator

If you’re looking for tasty, easy recipes to make your own homemade energy bars to fuel your fitness activities, I’ve just discovered the Decathlon Energy Bar Generator. It’s a clever little widget which takes into account your activity (and there are plenty to choose from, from running and cycling to surfing), your intensity level and your favourite ingredients. Tell it what you like and it will devise a tasty, healthy recipe for a delicious and easy-to-make energy bar. Five minutes of prep and a one hours chill time and there you have it! A healthy stash of homemade energy bars to add fuel to your next sportive or social ride.

And there’s even recipes with chocolate! And gluten free options too.

Decathlon Energy Bar Generator

I thought I’d see what it thought would be good for a medium intensity cycle ride; it suggested I might like to try:

1 cup raw Pistachio or Pumpkin Seeds nuts

3/4 Cup Dried Banana + Dried Cranberries + Dried Raspberries

3/4 cup (12-15 whole) Raisins

1 pinch salt

organic honey

1/2 cup quick oats

Sounds good, right! I’m off to stock up on some dried fruits and then I’ll be making up a batch!

I’d love to hear what deliciousness the Decathlon Energy Bar Generator comes up with to suit your fitness activity. You can try it here. It takes two minutes to try out. Let me know your favourite in the comments below.


*This post is in collaboration with Decathlon. All opinions and content are my own.*

2 Comments on Fuel Your Cycle Ride with the Decathlon Energy Bar Generator

  1. Love this post Donna, I am always conscious of the so called energy bars for both adults and kids not being so healthy after all. Something this simple could be done with the little people without much effort to encourage better snacking. We’ll be taking a look at this later for some inspiration x

    • Great idea, Louise! Yes, these would be perfect for making with children and teaching them about healthy snacks! I’d love to hear which one your Little Monkeys love the most.

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