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DFS have enlisted the help of Laura Trott and other Team GB Olympic athletes to show the power of relaxation in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. See how the comforts of home are helping Laura in her Rio 2016 preparations.

I can’t believe the 2016 Rio Olympics are just around the corner. It seems like yesterday that my, then five year old daughter and I were sitting on our sofa cheering on Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics at the very top of our voices! My son was only one, but now at five, he’s as excited as the rest of the family to set up camp in front of our TV and to get behind our fantastic team of athletes.


Laura Trott DFSAs a girl, I remember the excitement the Olympic Games would produce! I was 10 for the 1988 Olympic Games and I was just starting to take a real interest in sport. Watching from the family sofa inspired me to join an athletics club and it’s what truly sparked my love of sport and my competitive spirit! Now of course, my love is cycling. And Miss OCG’s too! She learned to ride her bike after being inspired watching Laura Trott win the Nottingham Milk Race. The power of watching sports people succeed is quite special and I can’t wait to see how excited both of my children gets by Rio 2016. Miss OCG is already talking avidly about how exciting it will be if Laura Trott wins gold! Everyone who loves sport needs an inspirational athlete in their life to ignite their dreams and spark the flames of all kinds of sporting possibilities and achievements. When I was a child, it was the likes of Linford Christie, Colin Jackson and Tessa Sanderson, but for Miss OCG it’s firmly Laura Trott! And who can blame her!

Whatever sport you love, the Olympics is always must-watch viewing and this summer will be no different, I’m certain! We’ll be sat on the edge of our seats on our big family sofa, loudly cheering on Team GB’s top athletes. I love how the whole country gets behind the Olympic athletes and it never ceases to amaze me how Olympic sport can unite our nation. British brands want to offer their support too.

DFS Britannia sofaDFS have introduced The Britannia sofa. It’s inspired by the iconic Great British Chesterfield and it’s rather lovely, embellished with 233 gold studs to symbolise Team’s GB gold medal success to date! A very nice touch, I think! And it comes with a stylish range of red, white and blue scatter cushions too. Perfect!

DFS is an official sponsor of Team GB at the Rio 2016 Olympics and they have their ambassador athletes supporting the collection. After all, training to be a top Olympic athlete is incredibly demanding and we all need a bit of down time. DFS are encouraging the importance of relaxation with this campaign. Being able to switch off is a key part of preparing for competition and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This video shows you how Laura Trott likes to relax at home in the middle of her Rio preparation and how important home is to her.

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Good luck Team GB! I have absolutely no doubt that you’ll be coming home from Rio with many more gold medals to add to your amazing 233 golds to date. And you can be certain the nation will be cheering you on as loudly as we can from our sofas!

How do you plan to cheer on Team GB this year?


Disclosure: This is a paid for advertorial with DFS


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    • It’s so exciting, Jane! I can’t wait!! I’m sure Team GB will give everything, as always. I have my seat on the sofa for the whole of the Olympics firmly reserved!

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