Skins DNAmic Compression tightsThose who read Ordinary Cycling Girl regularly will be aware that I have some back issues which can give me some referred leg pain. Annoying when you’re a lover of sport and fitness, but you know, you ride with it and you find ways of making it work. I’d read that compression tights can help to regulate blood circulation and assist and speed up recovery time from exercise, so, when Skins contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in trying out a pair of their DNAmic compression tights, I was super keen.

I like to try and mix up my fitness and keep things interesting so I’m not always on the bike. As someone with a bad back, it’s kind of crucial for me, as cycling, whilst it’s low impact for joints, can cause really tight hamstrings which can have a knock-on effect on my lower spine. So, whilst running is out for me, the gym and certain gym classes are not. I like yoga and pilates and lately, I’ve discovered stand up paddle boarding (SUP) and SUP yoga! So I’d say I’ve put these tights through their paces over the last month or so.

Skins tightsTell me more about the Skins DNAmic Compression Tights

Okay, so here’s the technical bit…

Skins technology increases blood flow which improves the flow of oxygen to the leg muscles (quads, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles especially). Supporting these muscles with compression reduces vibration and fatigue which is a key component in producing greater power, as well as helping to reduce the build up of lactic acid in the muscles, which aids recovery time.

How do the Skins DNAmic Compression Tights work?

These being the first compression tights I’ve owned, I asked the very same question. If you’ve had compression tights before you’ll be more knowledgeable but essentially it’s all about the fit and the fabric!

The Skins DNAmic Compression tights are made with a moisture wicking fabric so you will stay dry and comfortable. When I wore these in the gym in Brazil, I can say they performed really well! You don’t get a much better test of wicking away moisture than a Brazilian gym where the air con isn’t working! Usefully, if you prefer to take your exercise away from the beach, the fabric offers UV protection of 50+.  I wasn’t out side exercising long enough in the Brazilian heat to test this, but given that Skins was born in Australia, I’m guessing they know their stuff when it comes to sun protection.

Fabric…and a little bit more technical stuff

They’re a comfortable piece of kit and I really like how they feel. The fabric is soft but snug and they feel good quality.

So, that brings us to the fabric itself. Skins use a warp knitted fabric which has no natural stretch, which you’ll notice as you climb into these. You feel very supported, which I really liked. The downside to this though is that to keep the fabric breathable, it is presumably quite lightweight and this is noticeable when bending, so top tip – consider the colour and shape of your underwear carefully! Which brings me to fit…

How do the SKINS DNAmic Compression Tights fit and what size should I buy?

I’m tallish at 5ft 9ins and have a 33 inch inside leg, so perhaps a longer leg than the average woman. These tights are a decent length and finish just above my ankle bone. No qualms there! They do feel snug and when I first stepped into them I did wonder if they were too small. You may well wonder if you have chosen the correct size, even if like me, you’ve taken guidance from the SKINS size guide. But I am assured from SKINS that this is because the fit is supposed to be snug to ensure you get the optimum benefit from them. If you’re used to compression tights you’ll already be used to this snugger sensation. I find them really comfortable and love wearing them.

The only real downside to the tights for me is the length of the body. It just feels a couple of inches too short. You need to choose your underwear well because of this. They sit quite low on the waist, and even at a size 8, I find I can have a bit of a muffin top and want to keep pulling them up and ‘tuck in’ my ‘tummy’. This is them pulled up as high as they will go on me:


Skins tights
This is the waist pulled up as high as it will go on me, but it gradually slips down to its natural lower position with movement.

I opted for the matching DNAmic Speed crop top to go with these, and whilst the top is absolutely fantastic at providing support and is extremely comfortable, I’ve not been confident enough to wear the two items to the gym without a vest over the top to cover my stomach area – which is a shame, because this is great looking kit that you want to show off!

The Skins DNAmic compression tights for women are available to purchase from the Skins website starting at £70 and the matching DNAmic Speed crop top starting at £35.  


5 Comments on Review: Skins DNAmic Compression Tights

    • Can you ever have enough fitness/active wear in your wardrobe, Petra? I can’t stop adding to mine! These are very comfortable and don’t feel tight around the stomach area, I just would have liked them to be a little higher in the waist line. I think it depends what kind of top you wear with them – I prefer to wear these with a longer vest top.

      The Skins stuff is very cool isn’t it. There’s some great designs in their ranges. I’m sure you’ll find something to suit…and to add to your collection of course!

    • I love the yellow panels too, and always get compliments on them when I wear them! There’s another great colourway available for this pair of compression tights on their website too.

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