5 top reasons to book a cycling holidayIf you’re contemplating whether to book a cycling holiday, contemplate no more! There is no better way to explore somewhere new than on two wheels! Read on for my top five reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate to book a cycling holiday this summer!

Ordinary Cycling Girl HQ is full of much excitement this week as we prepare for our next cycling holiday adventure! We’re heading to Lake Constance and we can’t wait! There really is nothing I like more than travelling to somewhere new and exploring it on two wheels. There’s something very special about the opportunities it provides to experience a country in a whole different way to if you were simply visiting and exploring on foot.

Last year saw me cycling in the beautiful Catalunya, which was just wonderful. And last month, I was incredibly lucky to cycle in Rio de Janeiro – just amazing! This particular cycling holiday will see us cycling around Lake Constance, a European lake which borders Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I’ve never been to either Austria or Switzerland and I simply cannot wait to pedal around that lake! It promises to be glorious!

book a cycling holidayThere is so much to love about two wheeled adventures but here are my favourite five reasons to go on a cycling holiday!

1. You can take it at your own pace

When you book a cycling holiday, you can relax safe in the knowledge that there’ll be no rushing to get the best seats on the coach, no being stuffed inside an uncomfortable car for long journeys and no being ripped off by taxi drivers because you don’t speak the local lingo or know the fastest route to where you want to be…there’s just you, the bike and the great outdoors…all to be enjoyed at your very own pace.

2. Do it your way

There’s a real sense of freedom when you book a cycling holiday. It’s your holiday, do it your way. You can either book it through a company where everything will be organised for you, from accommodation and food to bike hire, which makes it all super easy and stress free – just turn up with your cycling kit and off you go. Or alternatively, if you prefer, you can completely self-organise and self-guide your cycling holiday adventure and take your own bike with you, making all of your own decisions.  You can cycle as many miles as you want, whenever you want…and visit wherever you want. Get up on a morning, see how you feel and off you go!

3. Solo or family friendly – there’s something for everyone

There’s such a huge variety of cycling holidays that there really is something to suit everyone of every ability. If you’re a serious road cyclist, there’s a cycling holiday out there which will offer you amazing climbs to test your legs to the limit and make you feel like you’re king or queen of the mountains. If you simply fancy a pootle along traffic free cycle paths, with regular stop offs at vineyards, eateries and hidden beaches, there’s plenty of wonderful options for you too. And if you fancy taking the family cycling, there are many holiday companies which cater for children of all ages so everyone, young and old, can experience the fun booking a cycling holiday brings. And whether you go with family, friends or decide to travel solo, you can be sure to return home having made lots of new cycling friends. What can I say – cyclists are sociable folk!

4. Eat and enjoy – and return home fitter not fatter

Booking a cycling holiday is the perfect excuse to enjoy all of the delicious delicacies of your chosen destination. It’s hungry work, but the best thing is, you’ll have burned off so many calories without even realising it you’ll enjoy every last mouthful! This is one holiday where you’re unlikely to return home having gained half a stone! And I can guarantee you’ll not only have had a wonderful time exploring, you’ll be whole heap fitter at the end of it too!

5. The simple life

What I truly love about cycling holidays is the lack of worrying about what to wear. You wear what you feel comfortable in, be that full on cycling kit, or a pair of summer shorts and a vest. And at the end of the day, there’s no flapping about getting dress up. It’s a simple life; you take the essentials. It’s not a glamorous holiday; cycling holidays are about being part of nature and the outdoors. There’s simply no need for a case full of stuff! And that’s really quite liberating!

So, Lake Constance is my cycling adventure…where will you choose?


*This post is written in collaboration with Wheel 2 Wheel Holidays*

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