The Annie Movie DVD release & Dancing at Pineapple Studios


Annie DVD

Perfecting our moves.
Image: courtesy of DnA PR

You may recall a couple of weeks ago, my twitter was alive with excitement as Miss OCG and I were kindly invited along to London to visit Pineapple Dance Studios to dance to music from the Annie movie. I couldn’t resist getting my dancing shoes back on after having had such a blast as part of Team Honk at the Comic Relief Danceathon and Miss OCG was beyond excited to be taught some moves from Strictly Come Dancing choreographer, Richard Marcel! As a huge Strictly fan, I was rather chuffed too! (more…)

The Top Five Boroughs in England for Cycling

Image via Flickr: Phil Gradwell (Creative Commons Licence)

Image via Flickr: Phil Gradwell (Creative Commons Licence)

Cycling continues to take the UK by storm as people seek a healthier, more environmentally friendly way of getting around, which got me thinking as to which cities and areas in England are the best places for riders to get on their bikes?

Toothpick have put together the Healthy Access study which provides data focused on the percentage of people who cycle at least once a week for any amount of time. The findings are really interesting!

So, which are the top five boroughs in England for cycling? (more…)

Six Super Cool Cycling T-shirts Under £25

Cycling t-shirts Spring Summer 2015Yay! We have some warm sunshine! It’s so lovely to wake up and see the sun shining and then to feel some heat in it is even better! So this very welcome change in the weather has got me looking for clothes to wear. I’ve been hunting out some super cool cycling t-shirts to team up with my jeans this Spring and Summer.

Here are my six favourite cycling t-shirts out there in the shops at the moment, all priced under £25. Bargain! (more…)

Indoor Workouts for Cyclists for When You Can’t Get On Your Bike


Image via Flickr (Creative Commons)

There’s nothing better than getting out and about on your bike and exploring the area around you. It’s the perfect opportunity to take in your surroundings and appreciate what we can often take for granted – even a daily commute can be an enjoyable adventure on two wheels! Unfortunately, living here in the UK can often mean having to cope with adverse weather conditions, even in the height of summer. Whilst we’ve had a lovely couple of weeks for April, it’s kind of inevitable that this time next week it will be a good few degrees cooler and pouring down! Such is life in the UK! As much as I adore getting outside into the fresh air, the unpredictable weather we have means that unless you fancy looking like a drowned rat post-cycle ride, creating an alternative way to keep fit is an absolute must. (more…)

Supporting Team GB with Lazer Cycling Helmets

Lazer Helmets Team GB
Getting new kit is always exciting but even more so when it is so obviously supporting Team GB. London 2012 was so inspiring for me and watching the track cycling shouting the team on from my sofa is one of the things I remember most. My kids and I were hoarse we were cheering so much! It’s hard to believe that is nearly three years ago already! Rio 2016 will be upon us in no time!

Lazer, the world’s leading helmet manufacturer, has released a new range of stunning cycling helmets making it super easy for riders to show their support for the British Cycling team in the run-up to next year’s Rio de Janeiro Olympic and Paralympic Games. (more…)

Raynaud’s Disease in Spring!


I’ve had a rubbish winter of cycling. My fingers and toes have been wincing at the temperatures. Actually, wincing is massive understatement; I have Raynaud’s Disease and it’s been really bad this year – so bad that I’ve not been able to cycle at all since October and consequently I’ve lost loads of fitness from the hard work I did last summer and I’ve been like a bear with a sore head recently because of it.

Yesterday, the temperature in Notts hit a lovely warm-feeling 11 degrees; the sun was shining and I’d been to a really positive meeting about my cycling club and Go-Ride. I came back buzzing and my hubby had an afternoon off work so we thought we’d venture out together and enjoy the Spring like weather. I layered up in preparation. (more…)

Bike Friendly Cities – The UK and Europe Edition

Bike friendly cities UK and Europe

Image via Flickr

It’s been a mixed bag here in Notts weather wise of late, but incredibly, we’re nearly at the end of March already. Finally, there is some colour starting to creep back into the garden and I’m starting to get my cycling mojo back!

Summer may still seem a little way off, especially with the adverse weather conditions of late – we have after all had wind, sleet and 15 degrees of sunshine all within the space of the last couple of weeks – but it will soon be time to start planning those summer trips away. Although exploring your chosen holiday location by foot can be fun, taking in the sights from your saddle is just that little bit more enjoyable – and a lot less tiring for your feet too! (more…)

Ouch! But oh so awesome! The Comic Relief Danceathon 2015


Comic Relief danceathon 2015, Red Nose Day 2015

Clockwise from top left: Me raring to go!, Me and my fabulous dancing partners Jen, Rosie and Hannah, In all our get-up with Red Noses for wings, Me after 6 hours of dancing!, Me with Hannah and Rosie about two hours in, Hannah busting some moves, The wonderful Team Honk founder members: (L-R) Penny Alexander from A Residence & Parent Shaped, Annie Spratt from Mammasaurus and Tanya Barrow from MummyBarrow (thanks to Penny for the centre picture)

I did it!! *dances around joyously* I danced for six whole hours with Team Honk for the first ever Comic Relief danceathon!

I can’t deny it didn’t hurt. It was more than a little bit ouch at times but it was completely awesome! Thanks to wonderful fellow bloggers and marvellous friends Team Honk has raised over £30,000. I told you! Completely awesome! It makes it worth every cramp, ache, pain and three nights of sleep deprivation! (more…)

Two Sleeps to Go for the Tutu and Team Honk!

Team Honk for Comic Relief 2015

Only two sleeps to go until I will be dancing my little socks off with Team Honk for Comic Relief. As well as being International Women’s Day (a big shout out to all the women’s cycle rides scheduled) Sunday 8 March is also the day of the Red Nose Day danceathon.

I’ll be donning a tutu and leg warmers and busting moves for six hours at Wembley Arena for Comic Relief. Yes, SIX hours people!! Think of the miles I could cycle in that time or the marathons I could run (erm, no I can’t run, but you get the analogy I’m trying to make)! Instead, I’ll be using just as much energy dancing a different style every 30 minutes. It’s going to be like a six hour long aerobics session! (more…)

New Things for the New Year

Image: Werner Moser via Flickr

Image: Werner Moser via Flickr

When I spoke to Ed Clancy and Yanto Barker recently, they told me I had to commit to a plan rather than wait to feel motivated by one. I find it really hard to get out in the colder weather, let’s say I have felt less than motivated during these colder months. I’ve put a lot of thought into what might change that for me. Warmer kit, definitely. And a healthier lifestyle – like many, I ate and drank my body weight in chocolate and all bad things over Christmas and I have certainly seen the impact of that in my skin and my energy levels.

So January has brought a definite need to commit. And I think I’ve made a decent start with new things for the new year. (more…)

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