Trespass HYBRID HI-VIS CYCLING JACKETThe school summer holidays have absolutely flown and at OCG HQ we’re preparing for the Little Man to start school later this week. It’s all go! With the children heading back to school and 2 September marking the second day of Autumn (yep, that’s officially Summer done for another year), it has got me thinking about the nights drawing in and, I hate to say it, the approach of winter weather when, inevitably, the roads are less safe for cyclists with unpredictable conditions and poor visibility.

I’ve always been an advocate of keeping yourself safe on the roads and I ALWAYS wear a helmet, even when I’m going at a snail’s pace when out with the Little Man who’s four. I think it’s important to practice what you preach…and I do preach to the kids about the importance of wearing a helmet and being seen. But a hi-vis cycling jacket is something I haven’t owned until now. I know – shock, horror and shame on me!

The Trespass Hybrid Hi-Vis Cycling Jacket is very reasonably priced and having tried it out for a few weeks now, it will make a really good value-for-money addition to your cycling wardrobe, plus this particular one from Trespass is women’s specific.

Style Options

It comes in three colours, yellow, sasparilla or pink. I opted for the yellow as I’ve been impressed when I’ve seen others out wearing hi-vis yellow just how visible it makes you to other road users, but perhaps sarsparilla is more you’re thing (a kind of purple shade) or maybe you’re keener on bright pink instead.


Trespass have made this particular jacket water resistant and breathable, which are important considerations and definitely help to make your ride more comfortable. It’s also windproof, which for me is a real bonus! Apparently, when a jacket is windproof it helps increase your aerodynamics, but for me, it’s honestly more about keeping that wind chill at bay.

So far, in terms of testing how water resistant it is, well, I’ve only been out in it in a light late summer shower but I remained dry so it gets a thumbs up in that department.

Trespass hi-vis cycling jacket

Reflective printed areas

To help with visibility the Trespass jacket also has these fab reflective printed areas on the sleeves and at the back, situated on the very useful zipped rear pocket, which whilst wearing the jacket is large enough to store a whole host of essentials such as a map, your phone and purse, puncture repair kit and a snack or two.. But as it happens, the pocket can also be used to pack the jacket into. Pretty nifty once you get the hang of it…which only took me two attempts! There’s then an elasticated strap so you can fasten it around your waste and carry it with you. I’m assuming that’s the purpose of the strap.

This is the only negative for me – I got the jacket in a size small which fits me perfectly (I’m UK 8-10) but the strap is a little too tight to comfortably carry this with me around my waist on longer journeys. But then I guess that kind of defeats the object anyway. If you have a hi-vis jacket, then you are obviously safer wearing it fully rather than packed up in small bag around your waist.! But the option is there to pack it away should you need to. As an alternative, instead of packing it away in the pocket, the jacket can fold away small enough to go into a larger jersey pocket – although it is a little on the bulky side.

The fit

It’s a really good fit and this is the stand out feature of the Trespass Hybrid Hi-Vis Cycling Jacket for me!

The neck height is comfortable, not too snug but I found it kept the drafts out, the zip is strong and the sleeves are a decent length; I often find long sleeved jerseys and jackets can ride short in the sleeves, which is really, really annoying, but this one is good and for the price I’m really impressed with that.

The body is a good length too, both front and back, which as a taller woman, this isn’t something I can say too often! And as a bonus, I’d say Trespass’ size guide is pretty accurate, which is always bonus when you’re buying online.

The verdict

You can buy the Trespass Hybrid Hi-Vis Cycling Jacket for £24.99 at the moment, which is fantastic value for money given it usually retails at £62.99. What’s not to love at that price? Help yourself to be that bit safer whilst cycling by being seen in what is a really good fitting jacket, and save some pennies too as it’s far cheaper than some of the major competition out there.


*This item was kindly gifted to me by Trespass for the purpose of an honest review. The opinions expressed are entirely my own.*

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